Media Guide

Media Guide

About Winnipeg Airports Authority Inc.

Winnipeg Airports Authority (WAA) is a community-based, non-share capital corporation that operates, maintains and invests in the community’s airport, Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.

WAA is committed to open media relations. It is our goal to be available for media at any time and have established a 24-Hour Media Line at (204) 992-2791 for your use. We understand the importance of timely, accurate information. Below you will find information to help you navigate communication protocols in place at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. Information on our partners in aviation and media contact information has been provided at the end of this guide.

Media Information

Media personnel wishing to obtain information from WAA should contact the WAA’s Manager of Communications & Public Affairs via the 24-Hour Media line, (204) 992-2791. Additional information such as news releases, annual reports and public notices can be obtained from our website.

Requests for interviews with WAA representatives or requests for authorization to shoot video, film footage or shoot still photography at the airport should, if possible, be made in advance to the WAA’s Manager of Communications & Public Affairs. Authorization to shoot video, film footage or shoot still photography of specific airlines, their aircraft or facilities must be obtained directly from the airlines.

Non-Secured Areas

Media personnel wishing to access non-secured areas such as parking lots, parkades, roadways, observation areas, hallways and other common areas are required to notify the WAA’s Manager of Communications & Public Affairs of their intentions in advance so we can better accommodate your needs.

Media personnel are permitted to shoot video, footage or photography and conduct interviews as long as it does not impede, block or restrict airport flow and movement of travellers and airport staff. It is imperative that all emergency fire exits and escape routes remain clear at all times.

Secure Areas

All security screening areas are operated by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA). CATSA has strict regulations regarding the filming, videotaping or photographing of these areas. Photographing or recording video footage of monitors which display passengers’ luggage while undergoing pre-boarding is strictly prohibited without consent of CATSA. Media personnel are permitted to go through screening areas into secure areas only with the permission and escort of WAA’s Manager of Communications & Public Relations. Media personnel and their equipment are subject to normal security screening procedures.

To obtain information from CATSA, please call (613) 988-4527 or visit their website at

Commercial Filming

Permission must be obtained from the Winnipeg Airports Authority for any on-location commercial filming. Commercial filming includes; feature films, documentaries, television series, commercials, still photographs, and general entertainment programs.

Contact Marianne Palmer at (204) 987-7832 for applicable fees and license requirements.


Airfield access is strictly controlled under Transport Canada regulations. Requests for authorization to shoot video, film footage or shoot still photography in airfield areas must be submitted in advance to the WAA‘s Manager of Communications & Public Affairs. Requests for access will be accommodated based on availability. Should an
emergency situation arise or another event that requires the attention of the airport, the visit may be cancelled.

Other Airport Areas

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport is comprised of several airlines and agencies that partner in providing services. These services, such as security, immigration, customs and concessions work to support the airport. Media requests specific to any of these agencies should be made directly to the agency in question.

Media Parking

When covering a news story at the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, WAA asks media to park in the Parkade across from the airport. As a courtesy, WAA will provide free parking to media for the purposes of covering a news story involving the airport.

During regular working hours (Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm) please contact the Media line, at (204) 992-2791 and a representative from WAA will provide you with a validated parking ticket. Outside of regular work hours, please see Info Booth staff on the Arrivals level. To exit you will require two tickets: first you’ll insert the ticket you received when entering the parkade, followed by the validated ticket provided by WAA.

Media should refrain from parking curbside on the Departures or Arrivals levels. Vehicles parked at the curb are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

If you are doing a live feed and need to run cables into the terminal, you can make special arrangements in advance with WAA by calling the Media line at (204) 992-2791. There is very limited space available on the curb, and it will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

Important Information

It is the policy of the WAA to cooperate with news media to the greatest extent possible. Our primary responsibility however, is to ensure a safe and secure airport operation. Based on the nature of the situation, WAA may place restrictions on movement of the media during these situations. During an emergency situation the Airport spokesperson will confirm only known facts about an aircraft incident, such as:

  • runway used
  • aircraft owner
  • type of aircraft
  • general nature of problem as reported by the pilot of the aircraft, (i.e. engine trouble, gear trouble, indicator light flashing)
  • status of aircraft (such as being towed to the gate)
  • flight number
  • origin and destination

For all other information, media are required to contact the airline representative or appropriate agency directly. Airport representatives will only provide information that has been confirmed by either the airline involved or the appropriate agency, and only with permission.

During an Emergency

  • The cause of an accident or occurrence involving an aircraft is released by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) and by the airline involved after an investigation has been conducted into the matter. Until then, no agency will speculate about the cause of the incident.
  • The passenger manifest can only be released by the airline involved and not by WAA.
  • Information regarding communications between the air traffic controllers and the pilot(s) of an aircraft involved in an occurrence is released by the TSB and not WAA.
  • Initial confirmation of any deaths resulting from an accident involving an aircraft is made by the coroner, the medical examiner, or other designated law enforcement agency. Information will not be released until family or next of kin of passengers and crew members are notified.

In the event of a non-aircraft emergency event, WAA’s Manager of Communications & Public Affairs will coordinate the release of any information. If required, briefing areas will be designated for media personnel.

Media Contact Information for Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport:

Agency Numbers

Association of Canadian Travel Agents / ACTA

(204) 831-0831

Canadian Airports Council

(613) 560-9302 ext. 16

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority / CATSA

(613) 998-4527

Canadian Border Services Agency / CBSA

(204) 984-0261

Canadian Forces Base

(204) 833-2500 ext. 6499
(866) 377-0811

NAV Canada

(888) 562-8226 Media Line Only
(800) 876-4693 General Line

RCMP “D” Division

(204) 983-8497
(613) 993-2999

Transport Canada

(204) 983-6315
(613) 993-0055

Transportation Safety Board

(204) 983-5548
(819) 994-8053

US Customs and Border Protection

(204) 783-2206

US Citizenship and Immigration Services

(204) 783-2340
(800) 375-5283

Winnipeg Police Service

(204) 986-3061

Airline Numbers

Air Canada

(416) 263-5576

Air Canada Jazz

(519) 457-8071

Bearskin Airlines

(807) 577-1141

Calm Air

(204) 778-6471

Canadian North

(867) 669-4000
(403) 503-2310


(800) 809-7777


(404) 715-2554

First Air

(613) 254-6200

Iceland Express

+011 (354) 896-7822


(800) 665-8986
(204) 786-7031

United Airlines

(312) 997-8640


(888) 954-6397