Faces of YWG: Lisa Praznik

Faces of YWG is a special profile series on the people around the YWG campus that help us go above and beyond.

“Over at the YWG Pass Office, we’re involved in issuing a ton of things that help the airport 'go': security clearances, recording change of employers, processing applications, parking pass assistance, airside vehicle permits, assisting with restricted area passes and more.

We work with Transport Canada on a daily basis, getting the process rolling for thorough background checks and ensuring things are in order to keep people safe and secure – we’re the foundation needed to start building a profile. We go through this for everybody who needs a restricted area pass on the airport campus and last we checked, that’s more than 4,000 people. There’s also the need to complete visitor passes, too.

In a role like this, you get to meet *everybody* and it’s almost by necessity! It’s great because if there’s one standout aspect, it’s the people. Everybody is so friendly that we like to call it a “little big family."

We’ve all got different histories, of course, so every application and every person are different. Helping people get what they need in spite of that is a specialty of mine.

Connecting with all of them is kind of my thing. I’m able to talk about a whole world of things: my family, what’s happening locally and of course, sports. Between kids, travel, and sports I always try to make some time to get to know our visitors. After all, I think most people would love to go anywhere but minus 40 during the height of a Winnipeg winter!

I remember we had a visit from a woman who used to work in Churchill. One of the things we got to talking about during her visit was the fact that in a past life, she was a dog sledder! You can’t *not* ask questions about that, so I got to know that she had 18 dogs, had swam with Beluga whales and had the best views of the Northern Lights imaginable. That’s my favourite part of the role – getting to know the people. One little thread can turn into a great time to share.

That connection is also part of why I love sports. Seeing things like the Canada Summer Games and even being on the same return flight as the PyeongChang Olympians returning home were such wonderful experiences. Coming down the escalator, seeing the cameras for them and celebrating our country was fantastic and just one of many things I appreciate about working in such a great environment with the best people there are.

I’m Lisa, and I’m Lead Customer Service Agent at the YWG Pass Office.” 


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