Helping the Planet Prosper: Earth Day Weekend at YWG

When thinking of Earth Day, airports aren’t usually top of mind for anyone, but Winnipeg Richardson International Airport is on the leading edge of airport sustainability.

WAA is proud that Earth Day comes more than once a year at our airport – in fact, we take its principles to heart every day. On Earth Day weekend 2018 (April 20-22), we will be handing out free wildflower seeds in our terminal in hopes that you’ll plant them at home or work to help our planet’s pollinatorsWe already participate in doing so with local bee keepers, as the bees that are housed on site here also help pollinate crops in and around our airport campus.

The well-being of our planet is a major factor in any business decision we make here at WAA. Since opening in 2011, Winnipeg Richardson International Airport has been a leader in sustainability, earning the Leadership in Energy and Developmental Design (LEED) Silver designation in 2015. LEED has a rating system that is used to rank high-performance green buildings based on their design and building features and how they are used to mitigate environmental issues.

How can an airport be sustainable and energy efficient? When designing our new terminal in 2011, we had sustainability and the environment top of mind. They may not be immediately obvious as you walk through the terminal but some of the sustainable features include:

  • Long, sleek totems contain an air filtration system to keep the air fresh
  • LED, energy-efficient lighting
  • Energy-efficient HVAC system
  • Radiant floor cooling and heating system
  • Comprehensive waste management program

Additionally, in 2016 WAA received Level One Mapping Certification under the Airport Carbon Accreditation Program, which awards airports who make a commitment to ongoing carbon management to minimize their carbon footprint. We continue to find new ways to develop innovative strategies to one day become a carbon neutral facility.

Earth Day is a great opportunity to showcase these features, but it isn’t about recognition—it’s about maintaining a planet-conscious airport for the betterment of the planet and the community. Running an airport that is sustainable and environmentally friendly is a year-round job and one that we are proud to continue improving on every day.

Pick up your wildflower seeds this weekend from one of our friendly Goldwing Ambassadors to help our planet prosper!


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