Annual Public Meeting - The Past Year at YWG!

At the Annual Public Meeting on April 25, WAA updated the community on another outstanding year. We highlighted some of the key achievements and accomplishments of 2017, including:

  • 4.3 million passengers — a fourth straight year of passenger volume growth;
  • Being recognized as one of Manitoba’s Top 25 Employers for the seventh consecutive year; and
  • Building new alliances and enhancing existing partnerships to benefit the region, such as increased daily service from DHL, a world postal and logistics leader. 

Today, our community airport generates $3.4 billion in economic impact and supports more than 17,000 jobs. When WAA assumed responsibility for the operation of the airport in 1997, it generated $384.2 million in economic impact and 7,000 jobs. This is an average increase of nearly $150 million in economic impact and 500 jobs annually.

Meeting attendees received a preview of what’s on the horizon for upcoming years on the airport campus, including new retail offerings within the terminal and enhancements coming to the cargo campus.

As each of these come to life, we'll be sure to update you - right here on our blog! Don't forget to check out our Annual Report to get more details. Stay tuned!


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