Beehives on the Airfield: Sweet on Sustainability

Community is a vital part of our activity at Winnipeg Airports Authority. In fact, the first 3 words of WAA’s mission is “with our community.” That goes beyond connecting people to their destinations – it also includes moving goods and networking businesses across the country and around the world. It means supporting local charities and organizations, giving back through volunteer time and donations. And of course, it means being a responsible and sustainable citizen for the planet.

Whether it is our airport garden we grow every year for Winnipeg Harvest, or the community events we support throughout the year, WAA wants to have a positive impact on the community. This extends to our role in protecting the environment. WAA wants to minimize our footprint wherever we can. This was a priority when we built the new terminal, and we are proud to have the LEED Silver rating for our terminal.

One more way we are looking to be environment conscious has already begun this year. We are proud to have 36 bee hives on the airport campus, the most at any airport in Canada. Working with Bee Boyzz Honey, the hives are located on the western side of our airfield in a safe zone that the bees can cultivate their hives – with a little help from the expert beekeepers!

Insects play an incredibly important role in pollinating food crops, and globally there are more honey bees than other types of bees or pollinators. That makes honey bees the most important pollinator of food crops – which is especially important in a strong agricultural province like Manitoba! It’s estimated that about one third of the food globally relies on pollination by bees.

You could make the case for hosting honey bees based on that alone, but there’s also another tasty outcome: the delicious Bee Boyzz Honey from the hives will be shared with WAA employees and a portion will also be donated to charities across the city.

Of course, the rest will be available for sale commercially soon after. Stay tuned and watch for updates on this buzzing development!


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