Faces of YWG: Amlyn Tutor

Faces of YWG is a special profile series on the people around the YWG campus that help us go above and beyond. Today we profile the Operations Manager for two of the great establishments at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport, Amlyn Tutor.

"I think it’s best to lead by example. Customer service has been central to my career for more than 20 years, and it’s been in various roles.

Normally my day starts with coming into Flight Club and setting the tone for success – I help my staff get ready for the day. That includes the kitchen, the till, the bar, the food, the menu, the restaurant itself – all of them should come together to make for an exceptional experience each day. After making sure our team is set in the restaurant, I head upstairs I help to set the tone at the Plaza Premium Lounge too, ensuring that the team is set for today’s success then get on to my other responsibilities with a little bit of everything from A to Z.

I find that getting into the details and leading by example help bring our customers a special experience. Any way I can help support that – hopping into the kitchen, popping in to help with hosting, tables, or even assist with bussing at a moment – it’s all worth it. 

Part of the reason I can bring all these skills while managing our staff? I’ve worked in every part of different organizations that brought me to this point. Frontline, back-end, hosting and concierge desk, accounting, cook duties, managing – all of those are elements that not only filter into my job, but are also key in one way or another to bringing you a lasting positive memory when you dine with us as a traveller or visitor at YWG. If I can help put my staff and the establishments in a position to succeed while serving and creating lifelong customers through their experiences with us, I’ll know I’ll have done my job. 

I’m Amlyn Tutor, and I’m the Operations Manager for the Plaza Premium Lounge and Flight Club Restaurant at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport.


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