Faces of YWG: Parrish Monforton

Faces of YWG is a special profile series on the people around the YWG campus that help us go above and beyond. Today we profile Parrish Monforton - read on below.

"I’ve seen numerous changes throughout the course of my career. Getting used to incoming new standards, moving on from the old to the latest and better – there’s more, but that’s part of work and life.

I’ve been working in screening for just over 8 years. I started in the previous terminal and transferred over to the new Winnipeg Richardson International Airport in 2011 when it opened. Moving from the old terminal over to the new terminal was a big change. I’ve been throughout the organization and enjoyed the customer facing aspect of checkpoint management because of the interaction.

We’ve got an excellent crew here: we’re knowledgeable, we work as a cohesive unit and caring, and we do what we can to keep people safe but also provide a good, helpful experience. We’re people just the same with a wide range of experiences. We do our best to bring a great attitude out in each other and to bring smiles to travellers.

Being on the front line in my position, you interact with avid flyers, less experienced ones and everything in between. You have to put yourself in their shoes a bit. Some are going to be running late, exhausted, or stressed and you can tell. Whatever is happening in their private lives, if they’re having a rough day and a bit of that is evident – you have to remember to not take it personally. You don’t know where they’ve been till they came up to you, but you can turn someone’s day around just by being polite and courteous. Just explaining and letting them be heard allows them to relax and provide a great experience for travellers. From the moment you greet them, everything changes, all the way down the line.

I also have a great connection to Old Saint Nick. My late father used to “volunteer for” Santa, and I took over for my dad. I had the opportunity to do it on his behalf right here at the airport last year and my daughter assisted me as an elf. On Christmas Eve, I also visit a couple employees’ home for their kids, alongside visiting churches, community halls and legions throughout the city. It’s so rewarding to give back and serve however I can. It’s a legacy thing – you see the kids smiling and it’s rewarding in itself. At the end of the day, that smile and service is what it’s all about.

I’m Parrish Monforton, and I’m a screening officer for GARDA in #YWG." 


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