Yum, yum, yum...

Happy Monday all!

Apparently there is a serious blizzard coming so I will write this blog as quickly as I can to avoid being snowed in! I mean, I love my job... but I don’t want to sleep here!

Everyone is all a-buzz over the new concessions and such here. Let me assure you, nothing has been decided yet, but right now there is a Request for Proposal out there and there looks like there will be lots of submissions for different businesses (stores, food, etc.) in the airport. I can’t wait until we all start to find out what’s going to be in it! It’s going to be so exciting. Makes me hungry just thinking about new restaurants!

While I was on that train of thought, I found this old, old picture from the current terminal. This restaurant clearly existed way, way, way before my time, but if anyone can remember it, send me a note!




Bill said:

it was called the Horizon Room and offered complete dining.Reply

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