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Good morning all!

I am certainly ready to take on the day today- who wouldn’t be awake and alert after -42 winds gust into your face on the way into work?! Wow it’s cold! But now I’m nice and cozy at my desk, ready to blog away!

It started to get really windy last night- I was out for dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time (we went to earls so that I could get  Chili Chicken- for anyone who hasn’t tried it, I highly reccomend it, get it with the jasmine rice) and when we walked in to the restaurant, it was beautiful outside. When we walked out, we almost blew away! It’s crazy that yesterday was such a nice day, and today is so freezing and windy. It seems like it changed in a matter of ten minutes!

Today’s blog is about an airport somewhere considerably warmer! The Khartoum International Airport in Sudan is, from what I can deduct, a proposed new building. I cannot find a date on Wikipedia or on the official website of when this project will begin/has begun construction or when it is supposed to be complete, so I’m assuming it’s still in the planning stage. However, they do have this fantastic video tour that I found on youtube that I have pasted in below. They have a different (but similar) tour on their website: They also have some nice photos of renderings of what would be the inside of this building on the site. Anyway, I always like to check out what other airports are doing in preparation for their new building, and this one looks beautiful (just like ours will be!).


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