Building the New ATB

Good morning everyone,

The sun is shining, and it’s not as cold as the rest of this week (although still -40 or something) so today is going to be a good day! How is everyone doing?!

One major plus to it being ridiculously cold is that people stay at home and hibernate, so those who are brave enough to venture out dont’ have to deal with any kind of line anywhere! I went to a movie last night and there were maybe 15 people in the theatre. But I like my space, so this was a good thing.

Today’s post is some new photos of the construction site. They are really cool because you get a sense of the size of the ’skeleton’ of the building, as well as how many layers the construction people need to wear to stay warm out there! Enjoy!



Wayne said:

Wow.. its really taking shape and looking very good.Reply

ed said:

wow, Carly these are great shots!
these would make great poster imagery if cropped properly!

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