Life from Another Planet?!

Well Happy Friday all!

Now THAT was a catchy headline I had up today, wasn’t it? Coolest video ever coming up in this blog...

But before that, I have to talk about the weather because that has been my theme this week. Actually, I just found this picture from one of the construction cams when I was updating the Latest Photos yesterday. It was taken on Tuesday (the 26th) at night during a bit of a blizzard... check it out:

Yikes! Glad I slept through that...

Ok so now to the blog. Today’s post is a video I found on YouTube of planes landing at LAX. It is really beautiful and a bit strange to watch.

Before I let you enjoy that, coming up on Monday... It is Northwest Airlines’ 80th Year of Service to Winnipeg today and there are a few events happening in the terminal. I will do my best to get some photos of some of the cool stuff they have on display, so that you guys can check it out Monday. Have a great weekend!


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