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Good Monday Morning All!

I hope that everyone had a good weekend. Mine was kinda just ok, but no real complaints. I did go to a fun superbowl party yesterday- I’m not usually a football girl but I totally got into yesterday’s game. I’m sure all of the food and festivities helped me out with that. I wasn’t really cheering for either team but I was kinda hoping the Patriots would win just b/c of the big winning streak... but in the end I was pretty pumped for NY.

Anyway, moving away from sports and back into airport talk! Today’s post is a video post (I know they are everyone’s favorite!) of a special news cast from YWG done by Global News. They did a phenomenal job of doing a full update on the new terminal building, as well as a few interviews to get some different points of view. I think you will really enjoy it!




Michael H said:

I personally dont see how having big windows makes the airport greener, So the windows let alot of light through and partially heat the building in the winter when the sun shines weakest on this part of the world.

What about in the summer when the sun is strong? The a/c bill will be insaine because of those windows -But I dont paticularily care about green, i was just making an observation.Reply

Carly said:

Good point Michael- I think it's the skylights and not the windows that are supposed to help with the self-heating aspects of the building. I also know that the floor-to-ceiling windows have a special kind of coating that will make it so the sun isn't shining in everyone's eyes when it's really bright- I'm assuming that would cut down on the heat generated as well. Something I can try and learn a bit more about!Reply

Russell said:

The windows do assist in heating the building in the wintertime in that the sun shines on the floors and warms them up. In fact, one part of the building receives so much sun that it there may be days where cooling will be required in the dead of winter. The building is also designed with the ability to cool the floors in the summer to reduce the amount of cooling required. You are correct that the windows are coated (using a technique called fritting) to reduce the glare and hence the amount of direct sunlight that contacts the floors.Reply

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