Face coverings are now a must in all public areas at YWG

A new requirement is coming into effect requiring anyone inside Winnipeg Richardson International Airport to cover their nose and mouth.

As of July 29, 2020, all travellers, visitors and airport campus employees must wear a face covering or non-medical mask in all public areas of the airport terminal at all times. This is an extension of previous practices where face coverings were required when going through security, during boarding and when a safe, two-metre distance could not be maintained between oneself and others.

All airport visitors are asked to arrive at YWG with their face covering on and fully covering their nose and mouth. Face coverings are available for purchase at the airport but only post-security. Currently, many concessions are temporarily closed and the only two locations selling face coverings at this time —Prairie News and CNBC News — are located near the gates. Travellers can purchase a face covering at this time if they need to replace the one they are wearing or wish to have an additional one on hand.

At YWG, passenger traffic is slowly increasing as more flights are servicing Winnipeg on a weekly basis. For the past three months, passenger traffic has been at a relative standstill, down 95%, and now this small increase in passenger volumes is creating more opportunities for lines to form or areas to become more densely populated. While physical distancing is being practiced in all areas and helping to reduce close contact throughout the terminal, the mandatory face covering requirement provides an added layer of safety for all, especially in high traffic areas.

There are just a few select times when face coverings can be removed or lowered. The first is when a person is dining at an establishment inside the terminal. All restaurants, lounges and other dining options are following the safe service guidelines outlined by the Province of Manitoba. Face coverings can be temporarily taken off when inside these locations to enjoy the dining experience. The only other time a face covering can be lowered is when an airline representative asks you to show your face for identification purposes prior to boarding.

For more information about face coverings or non-medical masks, such as how to fashion a homemade face covering or use one safely, please visit Transport Canada: COVID-19 Information for Travellers. Face covering exceptions outlined by Transport Canada include: infants two years of age or less, a person with difficulty breathing (not-related to COVID-19), a person who is unconscious or a person who is unable to remove their face mask without assistance.

Thank you to all travellers, visitors and staff for continuing to follow safe protocols inside the airport to protect our community during this critical time.




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