Temperature screenings at security inside YWG

During this critical time, the air travel sector continues to collaborate to create a safe atmosphere for travel and support the connectivity of communities by implementing increased health measures at Canadian airports.

Starting September 23, travellers and workers at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport will undergo temperature checks at security checkpoints as part of a phased approach led by the Government of Canada. This added layer of protection will further compliment the many safety measures already in place at the airport, such as the YWG Clean Program or the requirement to wear a face covering. All of these protocols working together help provide a healthy environment to ensure all travellers, visitors and staff feel safe at the airport.

At the end of July, temperature screenings came into effect at all passenger and employee security checkpoints at four major Canadian airports: Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. YWG is part of the second group, comprised of 11 Canadian airports, to see this measure be implemented. The added layer of protection is being steered by Transport Canada and conducted on-site by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, who oversees security screening at all Canadian Airports.

YWG is committed to keeping the community in-the-know about all safety measures at the airport to help them feel confident and prepared the next time they visit.

What to Expect

Temperature screenings will be implemented at every security checkpoint inside YWG. All passengers and airport employees who need to enter a restricted area at the airport must first undergo a temperature screening.

CATSA installed thermal cameras at the entrance of each checkpoint where travellers typically have their boarding pass scanned to provide a contactless, safe and quick assessment process. It is important to note, these temperature screenings do not replace the health checks being carried out by individual airlines.

If a person passing through a security screening area is identified with a temperature at 38 ⁰ C or above, they will be asked to wait for 10 minutes prior to receiving a second test. Seating is available in close proximity and will ensure physical distancing can be maintained. If a medical certificate can’t be presented to provide a reason for an elevated temperature after a second reading, the person will be denied entry. For more information about temperature screenings, please visit Transport Canada’s website. If you have questions, you can also contact CATSA through their website or social media.

The bigger picture

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Winnipeg Airports Authority, in collaboration with its airport and industry partners, has been implementing additional health and safety protocols on an ongoing basis to help ensure the safety of all. The temperature screenings performed by CATSA represent another piece of this comprehensive response plan, which involves all organizations working together to support safe travel practices in this new reality.

With the traveller experience changing significantly in 2020, WAA created a helpful guide to help the community understand the new measures in place to further prioritize public health and safety. Check out the New YWG Travel Experience for short videos depicting what each aspect of a traveller’s journey looks like now, including temperature screenings at security.


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