In the Air Again – Heading Home

In the Air Again is a series of first-hand accounts from people travelling through YWG during the COVID-19 pandemic. This story features the journey of country singer Leanne Pearson.

As a Canadian country singer based in Nashville, I’m used to travelling a lot. I basically split my time between Canada and the United States. This year though has been different.

I’ve been staying with my family in Manitoba for the past few months but needed to get back to the home my fiancé and I own in Nashville. I have an American work visa which allows me to travel to the United States. This was my first flight since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

A couple days leading up to my flight, I was very nervous. I was wondering if I made the right decision to travel. I did a lot of research on what the airports and airlines are doing and that made me feel very comfortable. The mandatory use of masks really helps. I decided to also wear a face shield for extra protection but it kept fogging up on me. Once I posted a video of it on my social media, people commented with a bunch of hacks like wiping shaving cream on it to prevent it from fogging up. I was thinking “Where were you guys earlier!”

I felt relatively safe at the Winnipeg airport. It made very comfortable seeing all the signs showing the areas that are frequently cleaned. At the water fountain, there was a little sticker saying Enhanced Cleaning. There are even notes on the chairs directing people were to sit. That all calmed my nerves.

Delta is spraying down the airplanes before you board with the same solutions they use in hospitals. They are sanitizing things a lot more than they did prior to COVID-19 so the planes are cleaner than ever. They also did a really good job with staggering everybody seated on the plane. They’re not coming through with snacks or water. You basically get a little baggie with a water bottle, snacks and napkins inside of it. They’re reducing any high-touch points or contact between you and the flight attendant.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I booked my ticket. Overall, it was honestly a great experience. The airports and airlines just took a lot of precautions that made me feel safe. Wear your mask, socially distance and wash your hands. It’s a crazy world right now so let’s all work together to stop this thing. 


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