By the Numbers: New YWG Travel Experience

The travel experience has changed significantly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic more than eight months ago. New procedures and protocols have been implemented by Winnipeg Airports Authority and its partners to protect everyone who enters Winnipeg Richardson International Airport. Here’s how many of those initiatives are adding up to keep you safe.

2,000 – Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer bottles and cleaning wipes purchased by passengers at the shops located inside the terminal over a six week period. Compared to all other stores operated by Paradies Lagardère at Canadian airports during that time, the amount of personal protective equipment sold at YWG was the second highest in the country.

355 – The size of hand sanitizer bottle in millilitres travellers can pack in their carry-on luggage in addition to the 100ml bottles placed in a one litre clear, resealable bag.

$250 – The tap limit at all parking pay stations has been increased to this amount to help minimize contact. For a complete touch-free experience, parking can be booked online allowing travellers and visitors to scan a barcode on their personal device at the entrance and exit gates.

177 – The number of Enhanced Cleaning icons placed across the terminal to indicate high-priority cleaning areas as part of our multi-layered YWG Clean Program.

103 – Physical distancing floor stickers placed throughout the terminal. These remind travellers and visitors to stay six feet apart in high-traffic areas like airline check-in counters and security screening.

99.99 – The percentage of harmful bacteria destroyed by the UV-C handrail sterilization devices installed on the escalator in the Arrivals Hall according to the manufacturer. Four LEDs along with built-in side reflectors help ensure every inch of the handrail is exposed to the sterilizing light.

60 – Minutes between complete cleanings of the washrooms inside the terminal. The members of the airport’s cleaning team monitor all spaces with increased diligence and move through the facility on a set schedule to be in critical areas when needed the most.

50 – The percentage of self-serve kiosks in the check-in area turned off to allow for proper physical distancing of six feet between travellers.

38 – The temperature in Celsius you must register below to enter a Canadian Air Transport Security Authority screening checkpoint. Temperature screening devices have been set up to identify travellers or employees with a temperature of 38C or higher. If a medical certificate can’t be presented explaining a reason for an elevated temperature after a second reading, the person will be denied entry.

34 – There’s approximately one hand sanitizer station for every 34 travellers currently moving through YWG within a 24-hour period. Dispensers are set up in convenient, easy-to-find locations including near check-in kiosks, before and after security screening and in boarding areas.

32 – Litres of cleaning solution being used every week to disinfect surfaces. The airport’s cleaning team is combining manual techniques and leading technology, such as an electrostatic sprayer, to achieve the highest standard of cleanliness.

16 – The average number of passenger flights servicing YWG per day at this time. Each airline has implemented its own rigorous safety and cleaning measures to protect travellers as well as its employees.

10 – Bottles of hand sanitizer being emptied by travellers, visitors and airport campus employees on a weekly basis. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, a single 1.2-litre bottle of hand sanitizer lasted two weeks.

4 – How many weeks’ worth of critical supplies, such as nitrile gloves, disposable masks, cleaning solution as well as hand soap and hand sanitizer, the airport’s supply chain team aims to have on hand at any one time so they’re able to meet any unexpected demand.

These numbers are just a small sample of the steps being taken at YWG to protect travellers, visitors and airport campus employees. To learn more about the safety measures and to see what the New YWG Travel Experience looks like at each stage of the airport process, visit



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