Heathrow Construction

Good afternoon all!

My memory is mush today! I came to work all dressed up today thinking that I had a lunch downtown- only that’s next week. So now I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go- which is ok because wearing a skirt when it’s -40 is not great, so not leaving this building again until home time sounds good to me! 

It feels like I have a billion projects on my desk today, so let’s get to today’s post!

Today’s post is a video report by BBC on the new Heathrow Terminal 5. Heathrow Terminal 5 is set to open March 2008- right around the corner! This particular report is from a little under a year ago, but you can already see a lot of the features coming to light. It looks like it is going to be an absolutely beautiful building, and a lot of their ideas mirror a lot of the plans going into the Winnipeg new terminal as well. Enjoy!


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