Amazing Greek Runway

Yay! Friday is here!

It makes for a bit of a long week when it’s -40 doesn’t it!?

But good news: It’s supposed to warm up this weekend. Everyone dig out their flip flops, it’s only going to be -7 on Saturday, or so they say!

Speaking of warm weather, take a look at today’s post! These pictures show this amazing runway in Corfu, Greece. Although I’ve never been to Greece, I did a little research and will post a little excerpt from the Wikipedia page about this airport/runway below. Amazing! I wonder if people who are used to living near oceans are just as amazed when they land in the middle of a vast prairie field as we would be to land on a runway that’s almost literally in the ocean? Maybe I should go on a business trip to Greece and find out... hehe. Hey, a girl can dream, especially when it’s -40!

Have a great weekend!

The Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport, named after John Capodistria distinguished Corfiot European diplomat and first Governor of Greece, is located around 3 kilometres south of Corfu Town, half a kilometre north of Pontikonisi. The approach and landing, in a northeasterly direction, affords the flying passengers a spectacular aerial view of Pontikonisi and Vlaheraina Monastery as well as the hills of Kanoni as the runway used for landing is actually a few hundred meters away from these spectacular landmarks.

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