A BIG Painting Project!

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry this post is so late! Today has been one of the busiest days since I started at the airport. A couple of deadlines and suprise projects had me running all day- but if it’s any consolation, I was thinking about all of you blog readers the whole time! So here I am now, staying late to blog just for you guys!

As I mentioned, I took a tour of Stevenson Aviation yesterday and got thinking about all of the little details that go into making a plane- even things like painting and other esthetic details. That prompted me to do a little digging and I found this amazing video! It’s about 2 mins, time lapsed, but it shows all the different coats, machines, steps, etc. and I think it’s really cool! I wonder where facilities that do this type of thing are located? Enjoy!

ps- Thank you to everyone who has been sending in comments and contact forms- I read every single one and even if it takes me a couple of days, I always respond and I love hearing from blog readers!


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