Construction of the New ATB from All Angles


Tsk tsk, another late blog post! Oh well, this post is worth the wait!

How is everyone’s weekend shaping up? It is finally lovely outside today, so I’m thinking I may finally be able to get my car washed this weekend (wow, exciting plans, right?). Today I noticed it was so dirty it was almost hard to see out the back window. How embarassing would it be to get in an accident because my car was so dirty I couldn’t see!

Today’s post is construction themed (mainly because I was updating the Weekly Photos section and got really into the construction pics!). Although you can see photos like these in the Weekly Photos, I thought you would enjoy seeing some photos that were all taken the same day, only from different cameras. So below, you have the perspective from the Tower, the East and the West cameras so you can really get a feel for how the buliding is coming along. These pictures were all taken this past Wednesday afternoon. Enjoy, and see you back here on Monday!


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