New T2 In San Diego

Good morning all!

It’s still so nice outside- it makes me such a happy person! Which is lucky because I have been having some cell phone troubles! I must have abused my cell phone charger or my phone too much because last night, my little pink cell phone gave up on me. It just refused to charge... and I tried for half an hour to get it to... but no luck. So today I’m going to have to go and get a new phone, which is kind of like silver lining because I am really tired of the one I have- it doesn’t even have a camera! It’s super old.

But out with the old, in with the new... today’s post! Today I am blogging about San Diego International Airport’s expansion plan. They are developing T2, which will provide 10 new jet gates, a dual level roadway to separate arriving and departing passengers (hmmm sounds like a new terminal I’ve heard lots about...) as well as additional parking space. I have thrown in a couple of exterior photos below, but you should check out their site (SANplan- what a great name for the site!) for some interior renderings as well- looks like it will be very spacious and nice. Here is the link, enjoy!