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Well Happy Friday y’all!

You may notice that got a facelift today. Well more like a nose job- we just sort of added to what was already there!

I’m really excited about these new pages- you guys are going to love them. We just added a photo album to showcase all of the amazing pictures we gathered when we did the photoshoot in the terminal for the ARRIVING campaign. Although we only picked a few to be featured on billboards, we wanted to show all of the best shots off, which is what you will find on the photo album page! We have pictures of Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport employees as well as passengers who agreed to help us out while they were visiting the airport. Considering Winnipeg is a bit of a small town, I bet you will recognize someone from these photos if you live here!

The second section "Tell Us" is an opportunity for you guys to send in pictures, videos, comments, etc. showing what your airport means to you. Maybe your airport means a place where you can welcome someone home, or maybe your airport is a place where you love to watch planes and relax.... an airport is many different things to many different people. What we want to see is photos, videos, letters, etc. showing us just that! So whether it’s a picture of your friends reuniting at the baggage belt or a picture taken at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, we want to see it! If your submission is great, I will post it on the blog for all to see. Please feel free to send me as many submissions as you’d like!

In case you are looking for inspiration, I decided to make today’s blog a little sampling of some videos I found on YouTube that would fit the bill. As you will see, some of the videos are literally shot on a camera and uploaded, while some are editing together to music- whatever you want to send is great, no matter how sophisticated or not sophisticated it may be! Enjoy the airport moments in the videos below! Have a great weekend!

ps- check out latest photos section- updated with the newest construction pics!

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