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Happy Monday, blog readers!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend- mine was pretty low key but the weather was so beautiful, I just wanted to sit outside in the sun all day long (hey, I know there is still snow on the ground, but still...). Patio weather is painfully close! -30 again today though... this will be the last cold blip before spring, I promise! Anyway, my weekend consisted of laundry (exciting...), having breakfast with some friends, and heading out for a glass of wine on Friday night. I also watched "La Vie En Rose" with my friend Lisa yesterday (the movie about Edith Piaf, the lead actress won the Oscar for it) and I would highly recommend the movie to everyone out there reading. I’m not one for subtitled movies, but this was a very fascinating story, and after I Wikipedia’d Edith it seems like they covered about half of all of the hardships she went through- what a crazy life!

Anyway, I got on a bit of a tangent there, sorry....

Today’s post! I checked out the stats from the web visits over the weekend and seems like everyone is really interested in the new sections, and I’m so glad! The photos are great, aren’t they? We have such beautiful people in our airport! I thought that I would post a few more examples of videos that would be ideal submissions in the "tell us" section to get everyone’s ideas flowing. The three videos below are, in this order: 1) a mom being surprised by her son who she thought was across the ocean 2) a time lapse of a very cool area of an airport (points for anyone who can tell me what airport, because I have no idea) and 3) A vending machine in Japan where you can pay using a cell phone! All three of these videos would be great submissions because they all express a different aspect of what an airport means to them- a place where family reunites, the idea of people moving fast and making connections, and new technology that people find in/around airports. So grab your cell phone/video camera/digital camera and start sending in some examples of what your airport means to you! Enjoy!



m cruz said:

That's Chicago's Ohare, Winnipeg's new terminal needs something like thatReply

Ron said:

m cruz, I think you mean Tokyo Narita, not Chicago OhareReply

Ron said:

...unless you meant the 2nd video, which certainly is Chicago Ohare!! oops!Reply

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