Updated Construction Time Lapse

Good morning!

A happy Tuesday to you! Things are going quite smoothly this morning despite the sticky snow on the roads (in fact I made it here in 15 mins and it usually takes me 20... strange). I’m feeling so motivated, actually, that I made you guys a video to check out.

Today’s post is a time lapse of construction photos. I have posted a couple of these in the past, but today’s is extra special because there is so much of the buliding frame that has gone up in the past few months. You’ll see as you watch that the first photo has no steel, and by the end (the last picture in the video was taken this morning) the entire video screen is taken up by the steel frame. The first photo posted is from December, so it’s only been a few months and look at all of the progress being made! I’m so excited about the new building. Until tomorrow- Enjoy!



James Stoney said:

As a Construction Inspector for a Structural engineerring company doing High Rise work, I can appreciate the conditions your local Ironworkers are working under on the job.
I also notice the connector was tied off to a beam loop while guiding a beam into place. Wish I could get my guys here in NYC to be that way!Reply

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