Brier Teams Arrive

Happy Friday all!

And what a Friday it has been! Right now the marketing department is planning literally 6 events so we are running around like crazy over here!

But of course, blogging to all of you is a major priority for me- I would never forget about you! One thing I might forget though is updating the weekly photos yesterday- woops! I am updating those as soon as I hit "done" on this blog, so check it out in a min!

Today’s blog is some photos from the welcoming of the 2008 Tim Horton’s Brier teams! From 10 AM-11 PM yesterday, teams arrived from all over Canada to compete in the Brier! They were welcomed by a welcoming/hosting committee, airport Goldwing Ambassadors, pipers and their respective flags. Enjoy the pics below! 



Barbie said:

What a fun morning piping for the teams!!Reply

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