Wonderful Winnipeg

Happy Monday!

Ooooh, Carly- it’s almost 4:00 on a Monday and you are just blogging now! This is not a good start to the week! My apologies!

However, very exciting news, I recieved some "Tell Us" contributor forms over the weekend (want to send me one? http://www.james2010.ca/tellus) and they were all fantastic- thank you so much to all who did! Please keep them coming- even if you send me 10 of them! I will not complain, that’s for sure! I love hearing what you guys have to say.

Although this particular comment wasn’t accompanied by a photo or video, i thought that it was very important to post it:

"I want my airport to show the vision of Winnipeg for the future! Which is a growing, vibrant, multicultural city in which to live, work, grow and raise a family."

Cheers to that! I think that Winnipeggers have a lot to be proud of, and the new terminal building will be no exception! I have seen the model, the plans, everything- and I promise you, this will be a world-class airport in a world-class city!

To celebrate, today’s post are some gorgeous photos of Winnipeg- they sure make you feel proud to live here! Enjoy!





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