A Special Visitor Yesterday...

Hi there blog readers!

I am sleeeeeeeepy today, which is fitting because tonight I am going to see Sleeping Beauty by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet! I’m very excited! I’m pretty diverse aren’t I? Into helicopters one day, into ballet the next....

Today’s blog comes courtesy of blog fan Matthew who sent in these photos that he took while he was working at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport yesterday- a HUGE thank you to him! Pictured below is a McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (now called the Boeing MD-10) that landed yesterday. It was carrying corn seed and/or canola seed from what I understand (I heard two versions of this story, so I can’t confirm which it was for sure!). Anyway, a beautiful plane so enjoy the pics- and again, thanks Matthew!



Matthew Capina said:

You're very welcome! The MD-10 is beginning to become a very rare bird. It was a real treat to see one.Reply

Wayne said:

Great pics!! ... love seeing the big Jumbo jets. The logo on the tail of the plane and the inside of the cargo door is very interesting. Does it represent the company or a nation?Reply

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