Construction Montage Part One!

Good morning blog readers!

Wow, I see from the hits that there have been a lot of visitors this week! A big welcome to any new readers that have newly discovered my blog and!

Well, tomorrow I take off for Edmonton for the long weekend (don’t worry, I’ll still be blogging) at 6:30 AM. Early to bed for me tonight! I hope you all have fantastic long weekend plans as well. Although May Long is kind of notorious for unpredictable weather, things are looking pretty good in the forecast. Fingers crossed!

Today’s post is a little montage I whipped up for you guys! Usually when I post construction pics I pick a few of my favorites and throw them up. Today I thought I would share all of them with you in a video montage! However there were hundreds of April photos to choose from so instead of having a four minute video, I broke up the montage into two parts. So tomorrow, stay tuned for part II of the April Construction pics! Enjoy!

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