Check out this video of various planes taking off on our airfield at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. I actually helped out with the making of this, and I know that our camera guy was up on a bucket truck trying to get some overhead shots of a plane in the pouring rain, so hopefully you enjoy it! You’ll also see some cool shots of all of the black marks on the runway where the planes put their brakes on.

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Edmond Huot said:

Love that take off shot of the west jet 737!Reply

Julian Moffatt said:

Nice video. Take off and landing have always been my favorite part of flying!Reply

Johnnycrv said:

Nice site, Carly. However, the skid marks on the runway are more a product of the friction from the tires hitting the runway than braking. That's why we see that puff of smoke when the wheels hit the pavement.Reply

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