Airport Renovations in the 80's

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Sorry this post is a bit late- the reason I am running behind has nothing to do with the airport actually. I just bought a new car and am trying to transfer all the stuff from the old one into the new one. I had a satellite radio reciever in the old one, and the thing that you mount the radio on (can you tell how technoloy savvy I am?) got stuck in one of my vents and it took me twenty minutes to get it off. After a couple of broken plastic pieces, I won the battle. So today is off to a bit of a frustrating start, but I guess it can only get better from here. And I apologize for the tardy post!

Keeping with yesterday’s theme of videos from the past, I found this news story from Pulse News that was broadcasted when Winnipeg International Airport (as it was then called) did some major renovations in the 80’s. I thought it was very charming and cool. Take a look!



Matthew said:

George Elliot is the best, I miss that guy. He later on went to be the director of the Aviation Muesum.... Which is where I got to work in one of his programs...Reply

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