United Way Plane Pull

The weekend is here!

Today I am heading home to my hometown after work for some good turkey times! It’s a three and a half hour drive, so I’m trying to keep up my stamina today.

Speaking of stamina, take a look at these pictures from the 2007 United Way Plane Pull. It’s a fundraising event for the United Way where teams from different companies around Winnipeg enter and do their best to physically pull a plane. Whoever pulls it a certain distance the fastest wins!

Because I am so proud of the Winnipeg Airports Authority team, I thought I would post their photos below (they are the red team) as well as a couple of other teams pulling the plane. You’ll notice that I am not in these pictures, mainly because I’m not that strong. I’m a much better cheerleader for this kind of thing, I think!

Enjoy the pics and have a great weekend!



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Carly said:

I was too busy blogging to pull the plane... :)Reply

edmond Huot said:

Carly, where were you?
btw that is a 727...!!!Reply

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