Nature Air

Good morning everyone!

Wow, it’s so crazy busy over here today, my head is spinning! Between upcoming holiday events, planning for the new terminal, and our usual day to day marketing activities, I am starting to think that I’m not going to have time to sleep before 2009 hits! Ok, I might be exaggerating- but we are very busy today!

However, I am never too busy to blog to all of you! And today’s blog is about a very innovative airline, Nature Air. Nature Air services 17 destinations within Costa Rica and Panama, and it was the first C-Neutral airline in the world. Recently, the airline has joined the Climate Neutral Network (CN Net) managed by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP). 

Aside from their admirable and important committment to the environment, Nature Air offers some amazing vacation tours- they are definetely not your typical beach-and-sand vacations! Check out this video of one of the tours below, or visit for more information.


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