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Happy Friday everyone!

It’s such a cliche that Manitobans love to talk about the weather, however I am living proof that the cliche is true! How can you not talk about the weather though, when it is as beautiful as it has been so far this winter? If winter was like this all the time, I would never complain about the cold ever again. However, I have a feeling it’s not going to stay like this for too long!

You may recall a few months ago I posted about a movie being shot here at the airport called "Chilled in Miami", which featured lots of wind/snow/cold shots outside our terminal. Apparently the title of the movie has changed, but the trailer is now online, along with many other trailers for movies shot in Manitoba. The Winnipeg Free Press did a great video report on this, including clips of the movies! You can definetely tell that the airport stuff was shot here in Winnipeg- it looks very familiar! Enjoy- and have a great weekend!




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