Kind Winnipeggers

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all have festive weekend plans as the holidays grow nearer! This weekend is our Seasonal Celebration, so it will be nice to celebrate a successful airport year with everyone! Looking forward to it!

As we work towards opening the new terminal, we always keep in mind the character and the beautiful things that make Winnipeg and Manitoba such a special place to live and/or visit. There is a new website that just launched encouraging Winnipeggers to be even more kind and friendly than usual- and I think it’s a fantastic idea, especially since it’s the holiday season, which can often be stressful in addition to fun!

The site offers a daily task that you are supposed to try and do to make Winnipeg a kinder city. Today’s is "Make someone laugh today!" See if you can do any of the past suggestions, and keep an eye on the site to do your part in making Winnipeg as warm as it can be during these very cold temperatures!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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