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I have been running around all day (in this incredibly cold weather) with candy canes, santa hats, and all things Santa Flight today! I can’t wait to welcome the kids here on Thursday to take their magical trip to the North Pole!

In much warmer places in the world, very exciting things are happening! For example, in New Mexico, the first passenger space travel terminal has been alotted an area to build. From MSNBC: "New Mexico’s Spaceport America, the anticipated home base for Virgin Galactic’s suborbital space tourism operation, has won its launch site license from the Federal Aviation Administration, state officials reported Monday.

The FAA’s go-ahead, which came along with the issuance of a final environmental impact study, brings the $198 million project closer to its construction phase, the New Mexico Spaceport Authority said in a news release."

Spaceport America would be the first flight center built from the ground up for passenger spaceflights. The 16,600-acre stretch of ranchland is located 40 miles north of Las Cruces, N.M., and 30 miles southeast of Truth or Consequences, in Sierra County."

This is certainly very exciting news- it almost seems like a science fiction movie! I remember thinking when I was a kid how cool it would be to go to space- perhaps in a few more years that won’t seem like such a crazy idea!

An artist’s rendering of the project is below: 



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