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Hope that your Tuesday is going well! Today I have been busy sweet talking the Duty Managers (guys that do 12 hour shifts, 24 hours a day that know everything that happens in the airport and on the airfield at all times) to see if one of them will be lovely enough to take some pictures for me in the middle of the night sometime this week. From what I understand, our construction guys are going to be putting some majorly big beams overtop of the roadway that leads into the airport, and I want to get some cool pictures of that for the blog! Because they have to block the roadway for a specific amount of time, they have to do all of this work in the middle of the night when there is very low traffic. I love blogging for you guys, but there is no way I am coming out to the airport at 1 AM to take a picture! So hopefully they will be able to do it for me... stay tuned for that.

Today I am posting some beautiful photos of Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport at sunset and at night. I think these pictures make the airport look like its own little city (which it really does feel like that when you are here all the time). Enjoy, and I’ll be back tomorrow!

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Radar said:

You should definitely come out at night Carly. It's a totally different place in the dark. Not only could you get some cool construction photos, but probably some good cargo shots too. One of my peeps used to do that once in a while.Reply

edmond Huot said:

i think my fav is the last one...kind of Halloween'ish!
great shots overall.Reply

Matthew Capina said:

The last shot is amazing... In all the time I spent taking pictures at YWG, how come i didnt think of that... lolReply

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