Up in the Air on the Airfield

Good morning everyone!

Can I just say, it is FREEZING outside today! And totally foggy... however I saw some planes taking off this morning on my way in, so things must be business as usual at YWG.

Today’s blog is a video blog. Last week I went up in a bucket truck to take some shots of the airfield/airport for the website. I’m not really afraid of heights, but when I saw how little the bucket was, I got a bit freaked out. It seemed a lot higher up when I was up there than it looks on the video and in pictures... just believe me when I say, I was brave! Anyway, not many people get to be hoisted up in the air with airplanes taking off and landing all around them, so I was lucky. Enjoy the video!

Also: I’m working on a couple of videos of Caesar Pelli (the architect for the new terminal) talking about his vision for the new building that will be amazing. I also have more pictures of the new building, so keep checking back!


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