Black Friday & Aviation Newspaper Clippings

Hello everyone, can you believe it’s Friday already?!

History week is already over. I’m a little sad because I really do enjoy learning about the past, and where we’ve come from. One of the best ways to do that is to look through old newspaper archives... and I’ve posted some highlights below! I hope you enjoy them- I particularly enjoy the ads on the pages- my how things have changed!

However before you look at the old articles, today is a very important day in Canadian Aviation History. If you are not familiar with ’Black Friday’, you should visit this site here for a great run-down of what it’s about:

The Avro Arrow was a huge Canadian Aviation accomplishment- a superior airplane that garnered national acclaim and pride. However, the Avro Arrow has a bit of a sad ending because it never came to fruition. Check out the link above to learn more, and for some spectacular pictures of a beautiful aircraft.





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