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Hello everyone!

I just got back from a company meeting across the airfield. I really enjoy having the opportunity to see everyone from our organization in one place, and hear what all of the different departments are up to!

Speaking of learning about what others are up to, given that our new terminal building is growing and changing everyday, I’m super interested in the look and feel of other terminals around the world. Although it’s most important that airports be safe, easy to navigate and efficient, it’s also important that an air terminal building reflects the community that it serves. In our case, Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson serves not only the Winnipeg and Manitoba community, but we have a global audience coming through our doors each year. Therefore, I’m so proud that we have a world-class architect’s design under construction!

The Globe and Mail recently published a great story about airport terminal design. It highlights some key design elements of terminals all over the world- if you are an airport nerd like me, I bet you’ll enjoy it! Check it out here:

Have a great weekend!


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