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Good morning,

I hope that everyone is having a good Wednesday so far. I would like to start off today’s blog by thanking everyone who has been sending me comments from the Contact page on this site. I love hearing your suggestions and what you like me to blog about. I am certainly happy to fill requests if I can too, so if there is anything you are particularly interested in, send me a contact form and if I can dig something up, I will and I will post it.

Today I have posted a photo of Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport as of a couple of years ago, and then a rendering of what the site will look like once it is finished. I like to compare the two! Enjoy!



Joshua said:

are they going to keep the old terminal? and with the new design i think that more internatinol carriers will look into winnipeg for a destinationReply

Carly said:

Hi Joshua,
Nobody is sure what is happening with the old terminal yet- safe to say it will either stay up or get torn down :) That decision has not been made yet, at least to my knowledge.
I'm sure the new building will bring lots of interest to Winnipeg. It's going to be great!Reply

Matthew Capina said:

Wasn't the hole idea to transfer the Aviation Muesum over? Either that be a complete tear down or a restore of the current building.....Reply

Carly said:

There was some talk about the museum- like I said, as far as I know, there is nothing decided, but I think all of those things have been tossed out. What would your preference be?Reply

Matthew Capina said:

Well there is a reality, like is renovating the current terminal going to be worth it? Are the planes going to fit inside for a Muesum? Do we mess around with a building(muesum now) that should be declared a historical site? If there is a new muesum built, I'd like to see parts from the muesum now and the current terminal, incorporated into a new building.Reply

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