New Seats for the New Terminal

Happy Thursday!

What a pretty day outside, minus the wind! Today is already a busy one, which is a good thing because I will never be bored. I am STILL hounding the guys who have the pictures of the big beams going up over the road so I can get some pictures up to show you guys... I can see them trying to hide when they see me coming!

So today’s blog is a Carly tour, but you have to forgive me because I think I am pretty dorky in this clip. I thought you would all want to see some of the options for seating in the new terminal, and we have a bunch of options in our board room right now, so I snuck in and took this video quickly (with the help of expert videographer/marketing team member Mika) using our digital camera. I try to describe my sitting experiences as best I can, but I do look a little ridiculous popping up and down out of the seats! I hope you enjoy it anyway, and let me know which ones you like the look of most! I liked them all, but I do tell you which ones were my favorite comfort-wise in the end.



ed huot said:

my vote is for the black leather/chrome chair!!!
great job.Reply

Matthew Capina said:

Armrest = Good!Reply

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