Passenger Process in the New ATB

Happy Monday Morning to all!

I hope that your weekends were lots of fun, especially those of you who got into the Halloween spirit and dressed up for some kind of Halloween party! I went out as Cruella De Ville on Saturday, and it was lots of fun. I even had a stuffed Dalmatian for emphasis!

Today’s video blog was made possible with the help of Mr. Michael Rodyniuk, SVP of Marketing and Operations here at Winnipeg Airports Authority. I posted this so you could have a sneak peak at the new passenger experience plans for the new terminal. Michael does a great job of explaining some of the ideas and plans. I think people are going to be really impressed because we have really paid attention to the way that people travel and it shows in the plans that we have put in place. We also included some footage of some neat passenger simulations that we had done to show passenger flows through the new building. Very cool- I hope you enjoy!



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