"Waiting" on the New Terminal!

Good morning everyone!

On a completely un-airport related note, I am very excited today. I realize this will expose me to the world as a complete nerd, but I have to declare how pumped I am about the brand new Backstreet Boy album today- I never thought there would be another one, but they have persevered and I am very happy. I’ve kind of reverted back to my 13 year old self today!

However, that will not distract me from giving you a great blog today! One of the ’hot topics’ that people always ask me about is what kind of seating/waiting areas there will be in the new terminal. While we have our ideas/plans, there is really nothing definete that I can tell them (besides touring them through the chair prototypes: http://www.james2010.ca/blog/article/42). However, I always think it is helpful to look back at what we started out as, then look forward to what we want for the future. Therefore, I have posted these pictures from when the current terminal was first opened. Although we are moving towards something a little more modern for the new building, I think there is definetely some charm to be found in what was done before! Enjoy!



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