Pelli Buildings

Good morning!

Happy Halloween everyone! Lots of people at the airport are dressed up today, and it’s lots of fun. I, unfortunately, did not dress up as my Cruella De Ville costume has already gone into retirement. Also, I have a bunch of meetings today and don’t think that being a Disney character would be the most professional thing I could do! However, there are lots of witches in the office that are looking very cute.

After the popularity of the last Cesar Pelli post, I thought I would do a bit of research and put up some pics of some other famous Pelli-designed buildings for you guys to check out. The most interesting one for me was Terminal 2 at Tokyo Haneda Airport, which is a Pelli design. It reminds me of the design for our new airport a bit, especially the windows and the colouring on the inside. Enjoy!

Wells Fargo Center

Torres Petronas Mayo

Bank of America Corporate Center

Terminal 2, Tokyo Haneda Airport

Inside T2 at Tokyo Haneda Airport


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