Weird Airport Names

Its Friday! I say we relax a little and have a good laugh. From IMGPRESS, we have a list of:

Some of Weirdest Airport Names in the World


Batman Airport (Turkey)

Served by Turkish Airlines, Batman Airport lies in the south-east corner of Turkey. Although the area is called Batman for short, it is acutally called Batı Raman Mountains. Visitors to Batman could use the city as a launching point for exploring the fascinating Anatolia region, home to a number of ancient historical sites and the more modern Ataturk Dam Lake and watersports centre.



Useless Loop (Australia)

Useless Loop is located in the Southern Region of Shark Bay Western Australia. Shark Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which also home to the more famous Monkey Mia. Useless Loop is a closed company town, servicing the Solar Salt Operation Shark Bay Salt which has been in operation since 1968 and whose salt is among the purest in the world. The area has a population of fewer than 1,000 people, and a coastline of 1,500 kilometres. The bay is home to thousands of sea cows and dolphins and hundreds of species of birds and reptiles.


Mafia Airport (Tanzania)

Visitors to this airport on the Tanzanian coast would be forgiven for feeling a little uneasy upon arrival. A few hundred kilometres to the west lies the sprawling Selous Game Reserve, home to more elephants, hippos and crocodiles than any other African park.


Monkey Mia (Australia)

Monkey Mia is a popular tourist resort located about 800 km north of Perth, Western Australia. The resort is 25 km northeast of the town of Denham in the Shark Bay Marine Park and World Heritage Site.The main attraction is the daily feeding of the bottlenose Dolphins that have been coming close to shore for more than forty years. Rangers from the Department of Environment and Conservation carefully supervise the process.



Check out the IMGPRESS article for more werid airport names from around the world!!!


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