Runways at Night

Good morning!

How is everyone doing today? A couple of cups of coffee to the wind, I am feeling pretty good today!  I also have some left over Chinese food waiting for me in the lunch room whenever I get hungry... what can I say, I’m easily pleased!

For those of you who check in with the blog everyday (and I see from my trending reports that lots of you do, which is great and thank you!) you might be wondering, "Where are those pictures/videos of the overhead signs being installed that Carly promised us?" They are still coming- they are going up soon. So when they do put them up there, I am still ready with my camera, and I will post them for you all!

Today’s post is some beautiful photos of the runway at night. One of the coolest things about the new terminal is going to be that there are so many ’walls’ that are floor to ceiling windows. Therefore, at night, people will have more access to see some of the picturesque things that happen air side! The whole place is kind of like one giant observation lounge, which everyone loves including me. Enjoy the pics!



Wayne said:

Great Blog .... I am really enjoying seeing the updates.

I am excited by this project, as many Winnipegs.

Thanks for taking the time and sharing.Reply

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