Winnipeg Airport screeners headed west for Olympics


Hello everyone!  Today's blog post is about the six screening officers from the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport who will travel to B.C. in late January as part of a contingent of airport security officers for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

From Jennifer Pawluk's Winnipeg Free Press article:

"We are here to make sure your flight is pleasant," said Artan Morina, who will join 152 screening officers from across the country in B.C. to help process travellers heading to and from the Olympic Games.

Assignments have not yet been confirmed by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority but Morina said he will receive training and additional briefings once he arrives in B.C. in late January.

"My expectation is, yes, it's going to be busy, yes, there's going to be a high volume of passengers coming through. However, we are there to make sure that these passengers enjoy their time in British Columbia, as well as their flying safe to go back to their homelands.

" Screening officers across the country will remain "as vigilant as ever" this season, said Kevin McGarr, president and CEO of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority in a news release.

Air travel security is increasing in 22 locations near Vancouver and Whistler, the host communities of the 2010 Games. These include all major airports as well as smaller, more remote air-entry points, even flight schools. 



For the complete article, please visit the Winnipeg Free Press.

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