Take Your Kids To Work Day and New Pics of the Construction Site!

Happy Friday!

Wow, am I late with the blog today- sorry! We had a fire drill for the administration building here today, plus lots of other meetings, etc. that have been keeping me busy. So to make up for my tardiness, I though I would post a video and a set of pictures- a double whammy!

First of all, the video is a clip from Breakfast Television about Take Your Kids To Work Day at the airport. It was really great of them to do a story because it highlights how much work is put into making sure these kids get a thorough work experience day showing all of the different jobs that you could have at the airport. It shows a bit of the behind the scenes tour as well, so you can get a bit of a peek at that.

Secondly, the photos I actually took about 1/2 an hour ago from the skywalk that connects the terminal to the hotel. I apologize that you can see my shadow in the window in a couple of them! I’m not exactly a pro photographer... but I did think that you guys would like these pictures. It’s amazing that you can see the building literally rising out of the ground! Amazing! I actually noticed it on my way back from lunch (which I had at the hotel) and both my coworker and I stopped in our tracks and said "woah". It seems that the buliding kind of snuck up on us! Enjoy and see you Monday.

p.s. I am also about to update the Weekly Construction Photos so check back soon to see them!


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