Another Blast from the Past

Good morning everyone!

Wednesday already! How did that happen? So far today has been lots of fun. I tried to make a video out in the wind to show those of you who aren’t in Winnipeg just how windy it is here today, but it was so windy that you couldn’t hear a word that anyone was saying. It just sounded like a bunch of static. So just believe me when I say, you literally feel like you might blow over. But the planes are still flying, and construction continues!

Highlight of my day so far: Second Cup in the terminal now has Gingerbread Lattes. I hope this is a permanent menu addition, and not just a holiday one!

Today, instead of my video idea, I am posting some more of the really old pictures from the current terminal when it was first built. I love how "cutting edge" the airport was and that wasn’t even that long ago- look how far we’ve come as far as design, technology, etc! Maybe I’m reading it differently than other people would, but I love how "200 feet" seems to be like "WOW that’s so much space" and "Eight-storey control tower" is also meant to be huge! Now that there are sky scrapers with like 50 floors, our entire perception of what’s "big" has totally changed.

But regardless of size, these pictures have lots of charm! Enjoy!

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