Froebe Helicopter Now Showing At WCAM

The Western Canada Aviation Museum (WCAM) is currently showcasing Canada’s first helicopter, which was designed and built right here in Manitoba.

The Froebe brothers – who all worked on the family farm southwest of Winnipeg – started designing and building this flying contraption during the 1930’s. Using an aircraft engine, steel tubing and other mechanical parts that they were able to find, the brothers built a primitive helicopter that logged a total of four hours and five minutes.

This piece of Canadian aviation history – and more specifically Manitoban aviation history – is something everyone should check out. Just to see how far we’ve come in terms of flight and the different types of helicopters that are now manufactured and used worldwide, is something pretty cool. Plus, the fact that this was a project undertaken by three farmers rather than a team of mechanical engineers, just shows the level of innovation and commitment Manitobans have when it comes to the aviation industry.

You can read up more on the Froebe Helicopter here, and check out WCAM's operating times at their website.

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